By Lisa Charleyboy

While the last episode was centred in conflict about the dating dilemmas that Indigenous people face, episode four of UNGTV ‘Love’ brings us to the heart of the matter.

I reveal in this episode about how my parent’s relationship has shaped my views on love and partnership. My father is Tsilhqot’in and my mother was a non-Indigenous Christian missionary who fell in love with my father while she was on a missionary trip. Yup. Tragic love story ensues. They had to struggle for their love, and I want unity, harmony, and a family that unites in culture and ceremony. It’s just that simple.

“One of the most important things in the human condition is trying to negotiate your mystery,  and finding out what you like and how you relate to someone else, and maybe sustain that.”

~ Derek Miller

I think that children choose their parents, and are often there to help heal them, and to change ancestral patterns so new legacies can be created. I recognize that this train of thought can seem like a big burden to bar, when you’re just trying to do you, find love, and create your own family but this is how I think in order to create meaning out of chaos.

“There’s so much darkness in our world, so much trauma, so much pain, so much despair. We have to rid ourselves from the urge of dimming people’s lights. The night sky is more beautiful with more stars so we should all shine.”

~ Michelle Polak

We are all so imperfect. Love, connection, friendships, family, and relationships are all about appreciating every aspect of each other – the good and the bad, and that’s what’s great about creating meaningful connection. I’m an intense person, and I’m not easy to be with. I know this, and I accept this. To find another human who can understand me, and see my light and understand my darkness is a gift. I’m so thankful for having this amazing human in my life, regardless of my personal “wish list.”

Life is full of great lessons, and a great opportunity to create healing – not only for ourselves – but sometimes, also for our ancestors.