My Lisa Charleyboy

As the first airing of UNGTV Episode Three ‘Bloodlines’ was fast approaching, I began to feel anxiety begin to consume me. I’m gun shy as after I wrote the op-ed piece for CBC Aboriginal back in April 2014, and received a lot of negative feedback. Not that I didn’t expect some strong reactions. I expected those reactions from non-Indigenous people criticizing my decision to choose to date Native men only. But I didn’t receive a lot of that type of criticism, instead the negativity came from the Indigenous community saying that I am “buying into” the Indian Act, and that I’m “too western.”

Gulp. Those are hard pills to swallow. And while I see the issue from multiple perspectives, I just have my opinion for my personal choices. I don’t think everyone should share my opinion, nor was I promoting that ideology. My intention was to share my point of view to create conversations beyond behind closed doors. And yet, I became that person who opened up the “marrying Native” personal perspective on a national platform, and I took the hit for that.

Now I’m finally okay with that. Some people still think poorly of me because I want to marry a Native man with a certain blood quantum, with tradition, ceremony, language, and yes, one with Indian Status. I’m not going to apologise for that.

Ask and ye shall receive.

The universe worked in my favour and I’m in a relationship with an amazing young man who fulfills all those things that I desired, and more. I’m so thankful. We all have our dating “wish list” – for some people it’s about looks, height, education, wealth – and for others there’s a totally different set of criteria. That’s okay. I don’t judge others for what they are looking for, and what they believe will make them happy. We are all just human trying to make it in this world, and find love. True love. I’ve found it. There’s a lot of power in stating exactly what you want in life and waiting for it to manifest. You should try it sometime.